3rd DLSU SHS Research Congress

3rd DLSU SHS Research Congress

“Reframing Possibilities through Research and Innovation for the Better Normal”

April 29-30, 2021

The DLSU SHS Research Congress is an annual gathering of research mentors, and senior high school students as they bring with them research-based ideas, concepts, products, and art performances and exhibitions from their own capstone projects. It is a vision conceived by DLSU SHS’ commitment to making a dent in society by involving the students in knowledge creation. In line with the University’s vision- mission of bridging faith and scholarship, the Congress highlights the essential role of nurturing a culture of research through the production and dissemination of innovative knowledge for human development and social transformation.

Featuring 58 paper and poster presentations, 15 business concepts, and five creative exhibits and performances, the 1st DLSU SHS Research Congress served as a platform to showcase research diversity. It was attended by around 2 000 students, researchers, and teachers from 36 schools across the country. The success of the first congress paved the way for the conception of the 2nd DLSU SHS Research Congress, which focused on scientific and creative research pursuits in line with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Around 1 000 proposals were received from 16 confirmed schools in the country. However, because of unforeseen calamities such as the Taal Volcano Eruption and COVID-19 Pandemic, the congress was cancelled. Nevertheless, a Book of Abstracts for accepted proposals including 123 paper and poster presentations, 20 business concepts, and 36 creative exhibits and performances was released to recognize the promising featured research outputs for the year.

Recognizing the challenges of a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) society characterized by both disruptions and opportunities, the 3rd DLSU SHS Research Congress takes on the digital platform to showcase research ideas that would potentially help society navigate through all the uncertainties of the contemporary world. Natural and man-made calamities, and health hazards (i.e. COVID-19 Pandemic) disrupt conventional processes and practices. Amidst the recent happenings in the country, it is crucial to adopt innovative ways to lead disruption-proof societies through research. With the theme, “Reframing Possibilities through Research and Innovation for the Better Normal,” the 3rd DLSU SHS Research Congress welcomes daring research pursuits that adopt unconventional concepts and methodologies in producing researches relevant to realizing a better normal.