Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts

Volume 01, Issue 01 (2022)

Editor’s Note


“People Come and Go”: The Perception of Senior High School Students 

on the Effects of Ghosting on Romantic Relationships

Bagnas, Feraer, Quiambao, & Sta. Maria

More Than Just A Pretty Face: Determining the Effects of Printing and 

Composite Faces on Perceived Attractiveness

Chua & Rillera-Astudillo

The Moral Permissibility of Feline Confinement – A Response to 

C. E. Abbate’s Defense of Free-Roaming Cats

Daval-Santos, Dimacuha, Fernandez, Yu & Dacela

Do It for the “Gram”: A Social Phenomenological Study on 

Selected Female Instagram Beauty Influencers in Metro Manila

Argonia, Chua, Fuliga, & Clamor

Muslim Modesty: Cultural Reverberations of Local Predominant Conventions Towards the Meaning-Making of Modesty Among Young Adult Muslimahs in Marawi and Manila, Philippines

Balo, Mama, Monteroso, Tsai, & Veloso

Bibliotherapy Storybook Construction: A Creative Interpretation 

Based on Children’s Goals, Wants, and Hindrances

Tobias, Dela Rosa, Gan, Hembrador, So, Umali, & Fernandez